Five Places to Put a Floating Shelf

I, like many of you, are attracted by floating shelves in the kitchen. Such shelves look very light and stylish in the kitchen, solve design problems. If you are wondering where to hang such shelves in your kitchen, here are some ideas for you.

  1. The very first thing is in any empty corner of your kitchen. Such a shelf will perfectly fill a small free space with benefit.
  2. In the middle of an apron. Such a shelf is perfect for storing oil and spices.
  3. In the middle of the painted wall. The suspended shelf will look great in the middle of the painted wall. It will look very contrasting and stylish. However, if you want to store something heavy on that shelf, then you should secure it securely. Therefore do not fix your shelf simply on drywall. You should find a beam in the wall and fasten the shelf to it. To find a beam in the wall, you should use a stud finder. Before buying, read stud finder review.
  4. If you have an empty space above the cabinet, then the shelf can be hung there.
  5. Floating shelf looks great between two cabinets. Therefore, if you have a free place there, boldly hang there.
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